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Idaho’s accountability system includes annual engagement surveys administered to students, parents, and staff. These surveys are important measures of school quality. The State Department of Education administers these surveys via Cognia’s online delivery platform, eProve.

Schools and districts can use the tabs on this page to navigate to helpful resources on administering, using, and interpreting these survey results to enhance their school’s continuous improvement plans and guide school improvement initiatives.

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Intro to Student Engagement Webinar: This webinar was recorded by a North Dakota superintendent/principal to introduce the concepts of continuous improvement and engaging stakeholders in student engagement. Similar to Idaho, North Dakota administers a statewide student engagement survey as part of its accountability system. This webinar is designed to serve as a resource for you in your ongoing continuous improvement efforts.
Student Engagement Survey Administration Webinar This webinar is designed for District Administrators and Accountability Coordinators to walk you through the ins and outs of administering the Student Engagement Survey. It covers everything from creating users to downloading a roster to accessing your school’s survey results. (PDF of Slides)
Student Engagement Survey Reports/Results Webinar Series: This three-part webinar series is designed for District Administrators and Accountability Coordinators to help you understand, analyze, and use the results of the Student Engagement Survey. Each 15-20 minute webinar focuses on a different aspect of the statewide survey results:
Part 1: Introduces you to the statewide survey results for 2021-22. (PDF of Slides)
Part 2: Explains the domains and levels of student engagement that are detailed in the reports. (PDF of Slides)
Part 3: Suggests ways you can use this data to improve student engagement. (PDF of Slides)
Survey for Idaho District Administrators and Accountability Coordinators: If you have a moment, please take this 5-question survey about the new format of the reports/results webinar series. Cognia will use your feedback to improve the series and make it as effective as possible.

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